7 Secrets To Creating A Business Card That Stands Out From The Crowd

Every business should need a business card.  These area great way to advertise your business while you are out and about at usually some of the places which you usually would not think you would need to take your business cards to.  This being said, you will need a great business card for your brand that will stand out from the crowd and will not get forgotten in someone’s wallet or thrown away but make them look at it and take notice of it. You will need to be creative to make yours stand out.  Here are 7 secrets to creating such a business card that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Create a business card that represents your brand. Make sure that all of your links to social media and your website, phone number etc are included on it too.  People are also using QR codes a lot on business cards now too to help them keep track of their digital marketing. Use your logo and don’t use wild colours that are nothing like your brand as this is not consistent and will not look right to your customer.
  2. Use both sides of the business cards. Make use of the room of a business card.  Don’t squeeze in too much information so people make it hard to read but make sure you also take advantage of both sides of the cards.
  3. Use foil or some other detail to make your business card stand out from the crowd. This will make your business card look different from everyone else’s.  There are lots of other detailing you can include on business cards such as embossing, raised areas, etc.  All of this, of course, will also depend, on the budget you have in mind too.
  4. Think about what your business does and how you want to reach your customer and what the message should be. For example, a divorce solicitor had a perforated line down the middle of their business card so that it could be split in two. This is a memorable business card and one you would not forget.
  5. Size does matter! According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “Keep to the standard business card size so they are easy to store in wallets.” Moving away from the standard size might be tempting but they will no doubt be binned and not kept as easily as they are harder to store.
  6. Think creatively while also keeping to a standard size. A photographer, for example, could have theirs in the shape of a camera.  Think outside of the box and what would you like to see if you were the customer.
  7. Visuals are very important. If you want a wow factor, why not have a hand-drawn illustration made by a graphic designer or include a headshot of yourself?  You only make one impression, so this is your chance to make the best one.

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