Are You Aware Of The Life Cycles of Corrugated Packaging Boxes?

Nowadays, almost every industry uses corrugated boxes for their packaging and it has become a universally accepted norm of delivering all kinds of items to their customers.

All these corrugated cardboard boxes can safely deliver all kinds of items and goods and also, they can be recycled back. Besides that, these card boxes can also be used for marketing promotion of any brand or product.

Let us now discuss the life cycle of these corrugated carton boxes. This is considered to be a green solution for packaging, as mostly various recycles items are used again and again for making carton boxes.

Following are various steps of its cycles:

  • Gathering of materials

As you know to make such packaging boxes, you can use all types of paper stock and old card boxes as well. Each time you will recycle your old card boxes its fiber will get weakened hence you can use them for maximum about 8 times.

Therefore, it is always better to make corrugated boxes by using any virgin pulp which is taken from any new harvested tree.

  • Pulping process

Tree trunks are first cut into a wood chip before treating with chemicals for breaking it down to a fibrous pulp. All these are processed in a mill by using the kraft process.

All these fibers are then sent to papermaking machines where they are formed, fired, pressed and rolled after the pulping and processing.

  • Manufacturing and fluting

To create wavy paper stock, the kraft paper rolls are fed into a corrugated roller machine. Once the paper goes through the corrugator, for adhering them glue is used.

Now the corrugate is cut into the desired shape of the box and it is ready for packing and bundling together, and then sent.

  • Usage

Almost all types of businesses use corrugated cartons but industries for food and shipping are the major users. You can keep all items safe inside these boxes.

Besides, they are strong, lightweight, and also cost-effective. You can also store food items inside them.

  • Recycling

After using them once, they can again be sent for recycling and the same process will start once again. To break them down, waters and chemicals will be used so that they can break down easily.

Before recycling, all the colors get removed. Then they will then be mixed with all virgin fibers and the remaking of carton box will start.

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