Ask These Questions Before Hiring Crane Rental Services

Cranes are typically used to lower and lift materials from the ground to higher levels. No wonder, cranes have extensive use in building construction, repairs, demolition work, besides in factories, chemical plants, and gas & petroleum industries. If yours is a commercial construction company in need of crane rental in California, partnering with the right service can make a huge difference in acceleration of your projects. We recommend that you ask some of these questions listed below.

  • What type of cranes do you offer? There are different kinds of cranes that are used specifically in construction work, such as carry deckcrane, floating crane, crawler crane¸ truck mounted crane, tough terrain crane, bulk handling crane, and hammer-hand crane. Your business may need a wide range of cranes for diverse construction projects, and a reliable company should be able to help with that.
  • How long have you been in business? This is also a valid question that must be considered. Keep in mind that experience and industry exposure are factors that distinguish one crane rental from another. If a company claims that they have been working in California for more than a few years, they must have enough clients and no qualms in sharing references.

  • What about insurance, maintenance, and repairs? Construction equipment must be repaired and inspected from time to time, and when you go for a rental service, they are expected to ensure that cranes sent to your project work as expected. Make sure that their equipment has insurance coverage, more so if your current plan doesn’t cover for rental equipment coverage. Repairs should be their job.
  • Do they offer manpower as needed? For construction work, you may need professionals to manage your crane work at the site, and therefore, it is best to find a rental company that can offer help, if need be.
  • How does the costing work? When it comes to crane rental services, costing is the prime reason why many construction companies prefer to rent rather than purchase their equipment upfront. Make sure that you have a fair and all-inclusive estimate, and it is possible to save on the costs, depending on the duration of the rental.

Working with a crane rental company is about long-term collaboration, so don’t try to save a few bucks. Instead, find a service that’s known in California and can be relied on for all types of crane requirements.

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