Business owner Danita Doleman recently discussed common challenges female entrepreneurs face.

WASHINGTON, DC / FEB. 25, 2022 / Entrepreneurship is a challenge, and research has shown it’s even more challenging for women than men. Danita Doleman stated that more women are starting businesses than ever before; however, many of them are not finding it easy to excel due to numerous challenges.

“One of the biggest issues female entrepreneurs face is the ability to raise money,” Doleman said. “Many women have to save for their entrepreneurial endeavors, while it is drastically easier for men to raise capital via investors and other financial outlets.”

Doleman explained that the road to entrepreneurial success has always been more challenging for women. She outlined a few of the major issues female business owners face.

An Abundance of Responsibilities

Women are often expected to work as though they don’t have children and raise their children as if they don’t work. Family is a major challenge for many female entrepreneurs. They often have to choose between certain commitments and decide when the business or family comes first.

“The social expectations for women are strong,” Doleman said. “Society expects a woman to raise her family well and make at least a partial living. When a woman decides to become an entrepreneur, the town starts talking. This can hold a lot of women back from pursuing their business dreams.”

A Smaller Support System

Female entrepreneurs often find it more difficult to develop an effective support system for their business endeavors. Questions arise whether the woman should be with her family rather than striving for entrepreneurial success. Additionally, women don’t make business connections or acquire mentors as easily as their male entrepreneurial counterparts, and this lack of support can be a major setback.

Struggling to be Taken Seriously

It sounds old-fashioned, but unfortunately, it’s not. Females who enter male-dominated markets have a hard time earning the respect of their peers. Successful female entrepreneurs like Danita Doleman explain that they constantly seek support from other successful entrepreneurs and take action to boost their confidence. Doleman suggested joining female entrepreneur groups to help develop the self-esteem needed to take on meetings with large groups of men and succeed.

“There’s no room for negative self-talk,” Doleman said. “Support groups help you overcome your doubt and realize that you are worthy of business success.”

Accepting Accomplishments

Doleman explained that women are far less likely to be praised in the workplace than their male counterparts. She stated that women also often have a hard time owning their accomplishments.

Danita Doleman concluded that confidence is key to women succeeding in a male-dominated business environment. Women need to have confidence in their ability to run the business and their household.

“A major part of being a successful female entrepreneur is ignoring what other people say,” Doleman said. “Remaining confident, creating a solid support network, and charging toward your goals is what leads to entrepreneurial success.”

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