Causes of Dry Skin & How to Manage it

Your skin is your first line of defence against dirt, debris, and other types of foreign invaders. If you do not take good care of your skin, your body can suffer. We all have different types of skin, from normal too sensitive to oily and beyond. Many of us have dry skin which needs plenty of moisture to stay healthy and protected throughout the day.

Dry Skin

Everyone has unique skin; dry skin is a condition where the surface of the skin has distinctive scaling or cracking. It can also be itchy, and it can develop on any part of your body. Any leading cosmetic manufactory (known as โรงงานผลิตเครื่องสำอางเมคอัพ in Thai) will tell you that it is a common condition that affects millions of people throughout the world.

When you suffer from dry skin, it starts to look rough and sometimes it becomes redden and more sensitive than normal. Some people have dry skin from when they are young, while others develop it over a period of time from environmental factors, external triggers, and hormones. Because our face is more exposed to the elements, it tends to suffer more than other parts of the body.

If you wish to combat dry skin and give yourself a glowing, vibrant look, you must follow a strict skin care routine.

Causes of Dry Skin

To prevent dry skin, you must understand the causes. Some people have naturally dry skin, while others get it from factors such as:

  • Exposure to extreme weather
  • Different types of medication
  • Diet & not getting enough water
  • Harsh beauty products which contain chemicals
  • Hormonal changes

Dry skin can sometimes be unavoidable, but it certainly is manageable if you take the right steps to maintain your skin.


The main problem for people with dry skin is hydration, their skin loses moisture and that is why it becomes scaly, itchy and begins to crack. The best way to combat dry skin is to use cosmetic products that nourish the skin and give it moisture throughout the day. The products you use should protect and hydrate your skin.

Dealing with dry skin does not have to be a challenge, all you have to do is follow the right guidelines to manage your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, you know it is a hydration issue. So, choose beauty products that have plenty of essential oils, moisture, and protective properties. People with dry skin benefit from organic products.

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