Getting Help Registering A Business In Thailand

When you are a foreigner living in Thailand and want to start a business, it can be complicated, and you will usually need assistance from a legal professional. Various companies can help you set up a company in Thailand, and you will need to do your research before selecting one to help you. Below are different tips to help you find a company to register your business and ensure everything is done correctly and within the law.

Start Searching For Companies Online

When you are looking for companies to help you register a business in Thailand, you can consider using a law firm, but you can also use a qualified accounting company to assist you. You can start by searching on Google or your preferred search engine and looking for companies that offer a company registration service. You will want to make a list of companies that you think are suitable and do some digging into their online reputations to see which ones are best. You will want to get as many companies on your list as possible before looking at their reputations and enquiring about their services.

See Which Companies Have The Best Reputations

An excellent way to research companies’ online reputations to help you register a business is to use social media platforms to see what their previous customers say about their services.  Some of the best platforms you can consider using include:

You can look at the reviews their customers leave for them and see how they rate them to give you an idea of which companies have the best reputations. You will also want to look at how the companies interact with their target audience, which can indicate the level of service they provide. Using the information that you find from your research you can reduce the number of companies on your list to two or three and then contact them.

Getting A Quote

You can now contact the companies remaining on your list and ask them for a quote to help you register your new business in Thailand. The companies will have questions you will need to answer so they can understand your business and what you will do, and you can also ask questions to each company. You can then compare the quotes you receive and decide which company will be best for you to use. You can then start registering your company and get yourself ready to start doing business in the Land of Smiles.

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