How Charities can Make the Most of an Outsourced Contact Centre Service

Charitable organisations of all shapes and sizes have, in recent years, begun to see the many benefits that can be experienced by outsourcing some work to a specialist contact centre service. With the assistance of a call centre team, charities can utilise that first-hand experience of dealing with high volumes of calls and maintaining high standards of customer service and brand integrity. Whether you choose to outsource to a call centre team to help take inbound calls from donor or to cold call potential donors, your charity could benefit immensely from the change of approach.

For a non-profit organisation, such as a charity, it might have seemed like too much of an expense in the past to have outsourced certain elements of the donor interaction to a contact centre team. As the benefits have been identified in a clearer fashion however, it seems a much better choice than to place extra stress in internal staff members.

Working with a call centre team as a charity offers an agile approach. This assistance from teams that are specialised in dealing with high volumes of calls can come in incredibly handy during times of peak demand. This means that should you need to hire a contact centre team on a short-term contract, you can do so without damaging the budget for a long period of time. The charity benefits from the highest standards of professionalism and customer service standards, without having to worry about the cost of hiring someone full-time to deal with that side of the operation.

Where budgets are tight for a non-profit, and there is not the physical space to house a bank of inbound or outbound call operatives to speak to donors and to keep the charitable donations coming into the charity, hiring a contact centre to do that for you makes a lot of sense. They have the physical space, a team of professionals who have the experience to perform to a high standard consistently and to work within any set of parameters without dropping those standards.

Outsourcing to a call centre as a charitable organisation might make the most sense to maximise the potential of telephone donation lines. If your charity can ensure that phone lines are open and able to take on a large capacity of calls at times where your donors are willing to do so, you can ensure that you are making the most of the charitable sentiment of the general public. There might be times where your in-house staff are overstretched, or the need to re-deploy internal staff to work on other processes and tasks that help the wheels of the charity run smoothly. A contact centre team has the utmost experience in dealing with people on the phone on a consistent basis. They are highly trained in your charity’s brand image, in how to deal with all types of calls and how to deal with sensitive information. It could be a marriage made in heaven for your charity.

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