How to Boost Your Productivity in the Winter Months

During the cold winter months it is so difficult to remain motivated at times. When you wake up in the dark, and finish work in the dark, it leaves you little room to become motivated naturally. When you add in the cold temperature and the sleet and rain we are so accustomed to here in the UK it is easy to see why so many of us are deflated during winter. It is therefore vital that you make a strong plan of action in order to boost your productivity in the cold winter months. If we wallow during the colder months it is easy to see how we can soon suffer from ill health, lack creativity and productivity and end up with money problems, requiring debt advice.

How can we ensure that we remain productive, even at those cold, dark wintry times where it is difficult to self motivate?

First off, create your own schedule and stick to it. Of course, you’ve got work to get to at a set time, but you are in control of everything outside of that. If you are most productive during the morning, wake up a little earlier in order to complete chores and other tasks before work. If you feel you are more motivated and effective at night, sleep in a little later and take care of the chores when you return home from work. Whatever works for you is the best way to remain productive during the winter. It’s about getting enough rest at the times that will maximise your life.

Make a list of all the tasks that you have to get through in the coming day, both work and non-work related. There are two approaches here, both with merits, and will be successful depending on your own personal preference and way of working. For some, the choice is to get the hardest, longest tasks out of the way first, to remove them as a weight of worry on your shoulders. For others, tick off as many of the smaller, quicker tasks as possible, early on in the day, as a way of providing a boost and a clear indication that you are quickly heading in the right direction through your task list.

Allow yourself that time to relax. Whether that is by sleeping in a little later (see above), or taking an hour out of your day to switch the phone off and head to a little corner of your home to read a book, listen to music, to write, draw, or just snooze. However, you best relax and rest, find time to treat yourself every day to ensure you are fully charged and more likely to be productive throughout the rest of the day, no matter how cold and dark it is outside.

Money is important, look at your budgeting, money worries cause stress and can therefore reduce productivity. For help with your finances, short term loans, or general debt advice, there are plenty of resources across the web.

With the right level of planning and an intuitive approach to scheduling your day that takes into account how you best operate, you can remain motivated and productive during the colder winter months.

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