How to Craft Your Special Flower Boxes in Dubai

The flower industry in Dubai is known for its stellar array of flower boxes. Every year, diverse designs and sizes that cater to different events grace the market. If you are interested in flower boxes for your special occasions, this article highlights creative flower boxes you can find in Dubai’s flower market and how to order one from your desired flower store.

Crafting Personalized Flower Boxes for Your Event

Hundreds of flower boxes can suit your occasion. However, some of these designs may not suit your needs, or you may need to make a special flower box. The following is what you should know before reaching out to your flower shop:

The Flower Bouquet Size

Flower boxes come in different sizes and shapes. The sizes range from mini to maxi sizes. Different occasions demand specific sizes; for instance, grand events like weddings and anniversaries require large flower boxes, while smaller boxes suit casual or intimate events.

The Flower Bouquet Design

Unlike in the old times, flower boxes come in different designs and materials. They can either be ceramic, metal, acrylic, or wood, although they are majorly made from strong, biodegradable cardboard. Florists can form flowers in box Dubai into round, square, or heart-shaped shapes. Flower boxes help reduce transit damage by protecting your flowers; they are usually hard cardboard materials with great strength and stability. Also, they add to the aesthetics of your flowers and can be reused for other purposes.

The theme of the Event or Occasion

Like the factors mentioned above, knowing the event’s theme is important when placing an order. A flower box can contain one or more flower types, depending on your choice. For instance, purple lilac flowers are perfect for love confessions as they represent innocence and modesty, and white flowers are majorly used for funerals as they represent clarity and signal a new beginning.

Regular or Luxury Collection of Flowers

Since Dubai is home to luxurious things, there are bound to be luxurious flowers that cost a fortune. Depending on your budget, you can order a plain luxury collection of flower boxes crafted for special events. If it’s just to show your gesture to a family, get regular flower boxes with a pretty collection of flowers. However, if you intend to gift it to a high-end clientele, we recommend luxury customized flower boxes in Dubai that show elegance and opulence.

Plain or Customized

Nowadays, a flower box goes beyond the box and the flowers therein; there are additional accessories that can elevate the box’s meaning and beauty. You can request additional accessories like a heartfelt card and message or demand the addition of cute ribbons and other decorations. A customized flower box works well with a romantic partner or a close family member.


Crafting the right kind of flower box is an art that requires creativity and exploring many techniques and combinations. It is essential to have a goal in mind to create the right flower box that expresses your heartfelt gestures and emotions.

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