Should We Hire Any Acoustical Consultant?

As far as noise and sound is concerned, there must be a limit that everyone must respect. Therefore, proper noise level measurement is necessary whether it is any manufacturing plant, machinery or road traffic, as everything makes noise.

There are few regulations available for keeping noise from becoming too annoying to house residents or workers. As these established thresholds of acoustic levels are exceeded, then such noise will become a nuisance.

Due to higher noise levels, it may cause headaches, disrupt your attention, and cause many other negative types of physiological symptoms.

Due to this reason alone, often we need to hire services of any specialized noise consulting and testing services. Often such testing is needed also by authorities, especially for few zones, which are prone to such noise pollution.

Hiring of any acoustic consultant

You need to consider number of factors, while requesting any professional acoustic services like legal, accounting and engineering etc. However, mostly cost is an important parameter, which will drive your decision.

What will acoustic consultant do?

Based upon individual needs of clients, any acoustic consultants can offer services on various ranges of projects. All these services may vary from testing of acoustical to decide how well your floor and wall may perform.

Few projects may also have more special acoustic need, as those projects can be inherently riskier than others. For example, churches and any worship centers may have unique type of acoustical requirements because of reverberation within the space.

Places where music is part of their service, it is necessary to do frequency-band analysis for ensuring that your treatment will address high and low frequencies alike.

Few different acoustic consultant services

Following are two certifying bodies for offering acoustic consultancy services:

  • Industrial Noise Control Engineers

Generally, INCE engineers are more focused on applications related to industries e.g. noise control for an automotive manufacturing company or other consumer good designs company.

  • National Council of Acoustic Consultants.

For architectural acoustics, like sound transmission, reverberation, and few other architectural measures, NCAC consultants have right knowledge where consultants will have background of structural engineering.

What training is needed for Acoustic Consultants?

There are much lesser regulations about acoustical engineering or consulting, unlike few other engineering areas, especially those related to life safety concerns.

Often professional engineers are short-listed based on their knowledge about structural fields or mechanical and electrical designs. However, no special criteria are decided for acoustic consultants.

With acoustic consultants, very little life safety concerns are there and hence less regulated as compared to other engineering disciplines. Usually, people hire them based on what they charge for their services.

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