Taking Advantages of Business Signage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If your business is lucky enough to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must promote the recommendations of the World Health Organization for social distancing. Also, you must take general health and safety measures throughout your place of work. To make sure your customers follow protocols, you need to invest in custom covid 19 signage, floor decals and banners.

Read on to know how these materials can help your business stay afloat in this health crisis:

Promote Social Distancing Using Floor Decals

Floor graphics and decals are becoming important business printing pieces in the retail industry. Cautious shoppers draw their eyes to the floor and these graphics can bring their attention towards the rules of the store. Similarly, they have been used in subway stations year-round. Use bright, branded colors to make them more visible.

Informational Posters And Banners

If you want to creatively display COVID-19 information while keeping your branding front-and-center, banners and posters are the best choices. From symptoms lists and hand-washing protocols to new business protocols, big format printing, banners, and posters can tell the story that you might not be able to communicate with each of your customers.

Signage for Mask Requirement

These days, state and local governments as well as some businesses are mandating customers and employees to wear a facemask. Masks required signs can offer an effective visual reminder to people that masks should be worn. For companies that are making mask wearing optional, signage can also help by reminding everybody that masks are meant to protect those most at risk, not just the wearer.

Signage for Checking Temperature

Before you enter a facility, some employees and guests or clients are required to undergo temperature screening for signs of potential COVID-19 infection. Signs for temperature checks can alert people of the screening and guide them through the testing location. Also, signage offers extra information when people have reached the testing location.

Signage for Hand Washing

People can do a better job with their handwashing routine, especially in the time of COVID-19. It is important to wash hands frequently to help prevent the spread of the disease and remove germs. Hand-washing signage can raise awareness among employees and customers about the significance of this simple but vital task while emphasizing public health and safety.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery Signage

It is imperative to let customers know that your company is offering these vital services. This signage ensures that people see how you are proactively looking for ways to serve them now and year-round.

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