What You Should Know About the Modes of Chocolate Depositing

If you’re a chocolate manufacturer, you may already be aware of the amazing benefits of a depositor. But what you should consider while buying the chocolate depositor machine is the mode of depositing that will suit your specific requirements. There are four different modes of depositing chocolates, depending on the production line requirements, namely one-shot, servo, mixing depositor, and decorations. Let’s shed some light on each of these modes to help you make the best choice.

One-shot depositing

A one-shot depositing system has two flowing axes and three moving axes along with 24 pistons, which can produce 24 items at one time. Apt for products that require thick filling, like color strip filling, liqueur, or soft filling, this mode is also suitable for differently-shaped products, like 3D, curve, board, and single-sided varieties. A reputable supplier can also provide you with customized equipment to upgrade the one-shot mode to the decoration mode without any hassle.

Decoration chocolate depositor

This mode also has two flowing axes and three moving axes for applying varying levels of decoration on the chocolates. However, it has 48 pistons to enable double color decoration for double divisions. It doesn’t matter if the decoration has molds or not, as this mode can handle both, besides enabling different types of decorations on a single production line at any given time. You can include a distributing palate to change the mode to one-shot easily.

Servo depositor mode

This mode consists of a lifting system and two flowing axes along with 48 pistons, producing 48 deposited items at the same time. With easy upgrade facilities to decoration and one-shot modes, the servo depositor can be used for every purpose.

Mixing chocolate depositor

Consisting of liquid level control and a mixing system along with two flowing axes, this mode enables depositing mixed materials including, but not limited to, raisins, dried fruits, brittle rice, and nuts. Generally, it has 16-18 pistons, depositing the same number of products at any given time. You can always replace this system with a one-shot mode to enable the one-shot production line.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, the four modes of a chocolate depositor machine are frequently interchangeable, depending on your needs. So the first thing to do will be to create a list of your requirements and understand your production line to choose the right mode. Everything else will fall in place, provided you opt for an industry-standard machine from a reputable brand.

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