Wireline Logging Observer – Jobs and Obligation

The Log observer has some work which includes various obligations:

Coordination of generally very much related logging exercises – pre-work, during the gig, and post-work
Preparing of any new help organization logging engineer on customer explicit prerequisites
Communicating with the Logging engineer, Activities geologist, Well designer and Boring Administrators
Pre-work, during the gig, and post-work detailing of logging goals and tasks
Cooperation in and management of on-rig wireline logging activities
After the assistance organization is educated regarding the forthcoming position and a logging group is chosen, a wireline witness is additionally named to cover the work. The log observer is sent the wireline logging program and informed by the tasks geologist or well architect in the working organization.

The logging observer is viewed as the head of the logging administration project group comprising of the help organization logging engineer, his/her team and the penetrating directors on the apparatus. On board the apparatus, the underlying associations between the logging observer, boring directors and logging specialist should happen, getting assent on the accompanying issues:

Logging project and destinations
What apparatuses are required and what instruments are accessible
Survey and examine hazard evaluations and potential security issues
Starter subtleties of the logging plan including expected beginning date and time
Examples gained from past wells
The logging team need to really look at all their gear to guarantee all the logging devices are in working condition and no hardware needed for the gig is absent. The logging engineer should report any instrument issues or missing gear to the wireline witness and the boring directors on the apparatus. Now, the logging system may go through refinement through conversations between the working organization and the assistance organization with the logging observer taking on a warning job. Logging time gauges, log introductions and pre-work well data sheets are additionally ready preceding the work beginning. Any discrepany in the assessed logging time conjecture ought to be featured to the penetrating director to help forward arranging and coordinated factors. At the point when the occupation starts, the wireline witness has liabilities which include:

Logging organization information securing: oversight and quality control
Information designing or potentially reformatting
Downhole test estimations management: Development testing and coring
Day by day work announcing
Progressing position hazard evaluation

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